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All In Home Based Marketing System Membership Apply Now!

All In Home Based Marketing System Membership Apply Now!

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Entrepreneurs Wanted

A Realistic $250K First
Year Income Potential

"How Normal People like YOU are earning as much as $5000 to $10,000 a week FROM HOME with my revolutionary online business opportunity"

Less than four years ago I was driving this beat-up '94 VW with a rusty muffler. Within two years of creating this system I was making more than my doctor, accountant, and attorney COMBINED... while working less than 40 hours a week FROM HOME! Together with my group of leaders we are now seeking qualified entrepeneurs share in the incredible results of our system.

CarbonCopyPRO: A Powerful Marketing System
Many new marketers with little or no experience in this industry are NOW finally seeing results. Many people who have NEVER achieved success in this industry, are now making money. Many in their first month!
With close to 100 years of collective experience, we have created and refined a powerful marketing system that we believe anyone can have success using.
Eliminating the Struggle
CarbonCopyPRO is a revolutionary Marketing System that essentially eliminates the individual marketer's sales and marketing abilities as variables for their success.
CarbonCopyPRO helps you generate the leads, then filter and qualify them for you. Next, highly trained professionals follow-up with your prospects on your behalf.
The secret is to eliminate most of the interactions (like selling, telling, and explaining) between the CarbonCopyPRO member and the customer until AFTER the sale is made and the money is deposited into their bank account!
This revolutionary way of marketing levels the playing field in such a way that new marketers are often able to enjoy the same results as seasoned veterans.
By essentially removing the new marketer (you) from the equation, one can focus on building the business while "outsourcing" the most difficult sales and marketing aspects to CarbonCopyPRO.
CarbonCopyPRO is one of the first automated marketing system ever created for the direct marketing industry.

No more personal selling, telling, or explaining, EVER! (unless you choose)
No more buying leads or learning how to advertise, EVER! (unless you choose)
No more prospecting or dialing for dollars, EVER! (unless you choose)
No more wondering how are the successful marketers actually making their money! (unless you choose:-)

Bottom line:
Head out to the beach, to the mall with the kids, or on a long overdue family vacation. Your sales and marketing system will be busy 24/7 generating, filtering and qualifying your leads and closing your sales, VIRTUALLY ON AUTOPILOT.
If you have been looking for a income opportunity and marketing system without all of the boring, time consuming, and redundant things like personal selling, telling and explaining, you have found it! CarbonCopyPRO is EXACTLY what you have been looking for.

Dec 2003: How it all started...

I was broke, burned out, frustrated, and at the end of my rope. I felt like my life was on a leash that allowed me to leave the house at 7 every morning, go as far as work, and return home tired and exhausted. A life of "getting by". Making just enough to pay my bills to meet the basic needs of existence.
was working 50-60 hours a week and was close to burnout. My
weekends were spent dreading Monday and I was doing this all
for a meager $50- $70k a year!
For two and a half years, I struggled with MLM and various other types of home based businesses. I plugged away trying to replace my income. I would come home at night exhausted and work my leads.
I "followed the system," bought leads, called my leads, put people on the conference calls and sent them to websites. I did 3-way calls, talked, preached, ranted, sang, and sold the company and products. I was marketing to anyone that would listen.

Best Month: $18,000*
I started using CarbonCopy January 2, 2007 and by January 11th, I had already made $18,000.
This system makes a HUGE difference in peoples lives and is something that anyone can do.
Thank you CarbonCopy Marketing!
-Karen Teresa, CA

I was so Naive!
Ok, I admit it! It was brutal and I got creamed.
I maxxed out two credit cards and almost
went broke.
I was disappointed and frustrated. Fed-up and angry!
I had no one to blame because I was the one that was naive and bought into these "deals."
I was naive in not realizing that I was a pawn in the game. A pawn for my sponsor who was the only one benefiting from my hard work.
I was one of his worker bees, one of thousands of people (my worker bee brothers and sisters) lining his pockets.
I was also naive not knowing that 97% of ALL other home based entrepreneurs were like me. They were struggling and dying with many small wounds.
Slowly my "brothers and sisters" were running out of money and going broke. They had less money NOW compared to when they got started.

Recently, I drove by the Midas shop where I used to work as a store manager. Four years later, all the same guys were working there still complaining. The reality was so disheartening.

Best Week: $7000*
I can tell you, making $7000 in a week is much better than any day working as a hospital CFO.
Use the system, follow the instructions, and make the money.
You are in the right place at the right time... this is the real deal.
-Rich Rizza, NH

Once I realized my mistakes, I was FURIOUS.
It would take me thirty years, if I continued to follow the instructions
and training I was given, to build a residual income that was large
enough to replace my job. I was lucky that half my team didn't
split off to the "next best deal!"
Obviously, what I was doing was not working. I was completely broke and I did not know what to do, who to turn to, or who to trust. I was scared and confused.
One day, I realized that all of the things I was struggling with were the same things everyone else was struggling with. Continuing was pointless.
I thought to myself, what if I could
take everything I had learned over two and half years of trial and
error and create a marketing system that would eliminate all of the
variables. A system that would work for me and every one that got
started with me!
This was the genesis of CarbonCopy Marketing. Everything that was proven to work, was duplicated and taught to each new member. This dramatically reduced learning curves, eliminated guess work, and increased results for everyone.
For example, variables of not having enough good quality leads to calling hundreds of crappy leads a week selling, telling, and explaining the companies, products, and compensation plan (which I absolutely hated doing!)
Then, I wouldn't have to baby-sit, hand-hold,
motivate, and train all of my people to do the same! Since no one seemed
to have the same level of drive or determination that I did, I would
create a marketing system that would solve all of my problems at once!
I would create a TURN-KEY, SALES, and MARKETING SOLUTION that would do all of the SALES for people.
The ONLY thing I would have to worry about and figure out is WHO WOULD I ALLOW to use my new money making machine!
What a great problem to have!
Ninety days later...
Within 90 days of building my new sales and marketing system, I was already making more
part time than I was making from my job. My new SYSTEM was generating about $2000 a week for me and I thought I had the world by the tail!
I went into
work one day and fired my boss. WOW! Talk about an empowering
feeling. I FIRED MY BOSS! I said, "Hey man, I can't afford to come into work tomorrow." My boss said, "WHAT!?" I said, "That's right, you heard me, I am FINISHED! Kappish. Gone. Outta here!"
You should have seen the look on this guy's face. Hilarious!
How many of you can't WAIT to fire
your boss?
Less than 90 days earlier, I was a slave
like everyone else out there. I was working my hiney off for a measly
paycheck and here I was, a successful entrepreneur, making as much
money at home part-time as I was making at Midas selling mufflers!

Second Week: $2000*
Thank you CarbonCopy! I struggled for over 6 years to make any money online. I have already made more money in one week than I did in my previous home business all year!
You have taken me from a complete marketing newbie to a confident and effective online marketer. Your systems and training are worth millions.
Thank you again for putting this together. You guys rock!
-Norbert Orlewisc, Vancouver BC

Six months later...

6 months, I was averaging almost as much income per month as I was
used to making PER YEAR at Midas! YES. I had successfully turned my yearly income into
a monthly income in less than 6 MONTHS!
This was also the genesis of the CarbonCopyPRO Sales and Marketing System. Everything that was proven to work, was duplicated and taught to every new member, dramatically reducing learning curves, eliminating guess work, and increasing results for everyone.
Ten Months later...
Within ten months, I hit my income goal and made more money in a SINGLE MONTH than the average American makes in THREE YEARS: $103,715.50*
CarbonCopyPRO was on a vertical growth curve and becoming recognized as the simplest yet most powerful sales and marketing system in the industry.
Can you imagine how your life would be
if you were making a six-figure monthly income? What if the FedEX truck
would pull up at your door every month and drop off a BIG FAT residual
check, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 $100,000, every month*!
The Secret...
You see, your income is just a by-product of helping others get what they want!
It's really quite simple: Find a SYSTEM that helps YOU help a lot of people get as much of what they want as fast as possible and apply leverage.
The more effectively you can do this, the more money you will make. It's really that simple.
You can make tidal waves of cash if you get this right.

Best Month: $38,000*
With THIS unique business model, I was able to earn as much money in my first month as I did as a top producer in the financial services industry.
After 10 years as a mortgage banker, I let my licenses expire, I WILL NOT be needing them any more. Thank you CarbonCopyPRO!
-Andrew Cass, FL

Our mission to create 100 millionaires
After four years, $400,000 in market research and Millions of Dollars in revenue earned, we have cracked the safe and are going to open up the ALL NEW CarbonCopyPRO Marketing System to the qualified applicants.
Our mission? To be the first group of marketers to create at least 100 millionaires.
With our plan, this will take about 3-5 years. We have to start with hundreds of qualified entrepreneurs.
Of course everyone wants to become a millionaire, but we cannot possibly work with everyone.
We are not here to save the world, stop global warming, or eliminate poverty.
We are here to create a story. A story about how we took a home-made marketing system, developed and tested it, and in four years created dozens of millionaires.
A story we can all be proud of. A story that will be told around the world and that everyone hears and each media outlet is scrambling to cover. A story that is so compelling that millions of people will be inspired to go out and pursue their dreams and goals, creating their own legacy.
A story of a bunch of ordinary people who got together and accomplished an extraordinary feat while helping a LOT of people along the way.

Third Week: $3,000*
I graduated from the most prestigious business school in America (Wharton), I have worked for the most prestigious consulting firm in America (Bane), and have even toured with Nsync and the Temptations.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, has blown me away quite like the CarbonCopyPRO System. This is the smartest money I have ever made.
-Jason Downy, MA

CarbonCopyPRO: A realistic $250K First Year Income potential without EVER picking up the phone and making another prospecting call. EVER!

97% Home Business Owners STRUGGLE because they don't have a MARKETING SYSTEM that actually works!

They don't know how to advertise or generate qualified prospects.
They don't have a SALES SYSTEM that actually works and try to do all of the selling and explaining on their own!
They're not providing the solution people are looking for anyway! No one grows up dreaming to become the worlds best "salesman!"
They don't know the first thing about computers or the internet.
They run out of time, money, and patience BEFORE they start seeing consistent results.

CarbonCopyPRO does:

Marketing: We offer truly turnkey marketing solutions.
100% of the Sorting and Qualifying FOR YOU. (With our funded proposal and application)
100% of the Selling and Explaining FOR YOU. (Toll free support for YOUR prospects.)
100% of the Training FOR YOU. (Full training and support provided.)

First Month: $18,000*
CarbonCopyPRO generated $18,000 in commissions in my first month using free advertisements!
This system blows the doors off anything out there. Thanks guys!
-Bobby Drish, Austin,TX

How we plan to create 100 millionaires by 2012
It's about eliminating the "human variable," the costly errors and mistakes that every marketer makes when new to the industry. The solution is to find a PROFESSIONAL MARKETING SYSTEM that eliminates the key variables that EVERY new entrepreneur struggles with.

A proven, simple, marketing system, that anyone can be successful using.
A system that does all of the marketing, selling, and explaining. (The boring and redundant stuff that people hate to do because they are not good at it!)
A system that is going to prevent the new person from making the costly mistakes every successful marketer has already made!

Until now, a marketing system like this did NOT exist.
You can figure it out and build it yourself or you can use our system and become one of the 100 millionaires we will create over the next 3-5 years!
Are you beginning to see the "no-brainer" side of the equation here?

Best Week: $10,000*
How many people do YOU know that can make as much as $10k in a week, from home, hanging out with their kids!?
Welcome to my world. This is common-place for us at CarbonCopyPRO. Come join us!
-Michelle Breuer, BC

What are you waiting for?
Billions of people around the world live in developing countries with the foot of oppression on their necks holding their faces in the mud and have opportunity that is greeted by war, poverty, and absence of infrastructure, etc.
The only thing more pathetic than this, in my opinion, is the fact that there are millions of people in countries like ours that don't have any such obstacles to overcome. These same people, because of their programming and what they have been told about themselves, still choose to lay dormant with their faces in mud!
Are you ready for a life without having to read the menu from right to left? How about no more maxxed out credit cards, little or no savings or security, and not having a boss that isn't even qualified to give you orders?
Maybe you are one of the millions of people out there who are finally fed up with the never-ending hamster wheel of survival.
What do you think your chances of success would be with your own CarbonCopyPRO Marketing System versus having to figure it out yourself? 97% chance of success? Or the industry average of 97% chance of failure.
Where will you be in 2012 if you continue on the same path that you are on right now?

I had to get a picture
with Mike Dillard's (ridiculously beautiful) new Aston Martin
while in Austin filming the INSIDEOUT Interview. (I
then settled for a $75,000 BMW instead and invested the other
$50,000 in a private placement:-)

4th Week: $11,700*
This is the first time I have seen a sales and marketing system that allows someone to plug-in and generate a full-time income within their
first 30 to 60 days.
CarbonCopyPRO is the most powerful marketing system on the planet. Bar none.
-Mike Dillard, Austin,TX

What is CarbonCopyPRO?
CarbonCopyPRO, the most powerful marketing system in the world, is partnered with one of the top direct marketing companies in the industry. Together they provide an income opportunity unlike anything every created.
New entrepreneurs are able to start
seeing results very quickly as their learning curves are all but
eliminated FOR them. CarbonCopyPRO is a revolutionary marketing system
that virtually anyone can have success with regardless of prior industry
No cold calling, sales closing, three ways, voice mails, explaining complicated compensation plans, or any other type of one-on-one sales conversations. All people are different in their approaches and many people are terrible at sales. In most cases, you will only speak with your new member once he/she gets started and has deposited money into YOUR bank account.
Nine out of ten people are tire kickers and clickers. They are surfing around the net looking for the "next best gig." CarbonCopyPRO eliminates this problem with its application process. Your leads will have to pay $37 and fill out an application. This eliminates the wanna-be's from the entrepreneurs.
You will use the professionally designed marketing system that the CarbonCopy Millionaire Mentors have already invested tens of thousands of dollars in building. they have been using this system for YEARS! This is a system that works 100% of the time without modification. Marketing is one of the biggest challenges EVERY new entrepreneur faces. CarbonCopyPRO members have the luxury of turn-key lead generation and with solutions that have been proven to work for years. They have the option of having the best training in the industry about how to generate their own leads if they wish!

A PASSIVE INCOME: Make money while you sleep while the Millionaire Mentors are calling your leads and supporting your prospects. Donald Trump says, "You're not making money until you're making it in your sleep." This marketing system has the potential to generate residual income of $100,000 a year or a MONTH if you choose!
MASSIVE INCOME POTENTIAL: Although we cannot guarantee your income (we could if we knew you would do EXACTLY as we say), this marketing system can easily generate $100,000 to $500,000 in direct and passive income in less than ONE year!
TIME FREEDOM: Full-time is considered 12-15 hours a week (Including training). You can easily replace your job income while working part-time from home. Many people operate their businesses from a cell phone and many do it from work on their breaks. (Don't blame us if you get fired though!)
MOBILITY: CarbonCopyPRO can be run from anywhere in the world with a Blackberry or cell phone and laptop. Want to take a vacation? No Problem. Take a week off? No Problem. The system will generate, filter, and qualify your leads while CarbonCopy Millionaire Mentors make all your calls and close all your sales FOR YOU!
PROOF and RESULTS: How many millionaires has the system currently created? How many people are having significant results? With CarbonCopyPRO, you will have PLENTY of proof all around you that millionaires are being created. This is what we do on a daily basis!
SIMPLICITY: Little to no internet or computer skills are required. You must however be able to check your email, type with at least two fingers, and browse the internet to work this business.
GO BIG or GO HOME. Are you going to be one of those who WATCHES us or one who JOINS us and gets to reap the rewards of our hard work...? Only you can answer this.
This is a decision that will impact your future generations alter the course of your families future forever.
We are now accepting a limited number of applicants to join the CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Group. Do you have what it takes to be a member?

Best Month: $47,500*
20 Years in Federal Law Enforcement to Successful Entrepreneur.
$47,500 net income in a month and it keeps growing! I am amazed how well this system works and how it is helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.
Every minute you wait, you are missing out. Submit your application today. DO NOT WAIT.
-Mike Leroux Vancouver BC

Meet the CarbonCopy Millionaire
Mastermind Group
CarbonCopy Marketing has taken drastic measures to ensure its goal of creating 100 millionaires by not giving you the opportunity to FAIL!
The CarbonCopy Millionaires Mastermind Group is a core group of elite marketers that are committed to the success of the ENTIRE family. Each member has mastered every aspect of this business. Most importantly, this group is already earning multiple six-figure incomes.
The MMG is THE leadership group that supports and trains the entire team via one-on-one coaching and daily CarbonCopy conference calls. Every CarbonCopy member is supported in reaching their goals regardless of their sponsor.
Any qualified CarbonCopy member can apply to join this elite group once they have achieved a 3 month income average of at least $10,000/month. They must complete an intensive training and coaching program and commit to helping EVERY member of the group achieve their goals. This is accomplished by keeping each person accountable to their individual and group goals.
MMG members meet weekly to mastermind and receive coaching from each other in their pursuit to become the first group of 100 millionaires in the direct marketing industry.
Collectively, the MMG has earned MILLIONS of dollars DOING exactly what they are going to train you to do. Talk about leading by example!

Jay Kubassek, New York
Aaron Parkinson, British Columbia
Mike Dillard, Texas
Andrew Cass, Florida
Mark Coccio, Massachusetts
Elaine Love, Colorado
Greg Six, Michigan
Jay Jolly, California
Mona McClelland, British Columbia
Michelle Breuer, British Columbia
Rich Rizza, New Hampshire
Danielle Heidelberger, Missouri
Rick Perrotta, North Carolina
Reema Hasnain, Ontario
Harold Roscoe, British Columbia
Melody Speer, Texas

Could This Possibly be The Most Powerful
Marketing System on The Planet?

Submit Your Application to JOIN CarbonCopyPRO Today

Click on the image above to see what $50,000 deposited in
my merchant account over 30-days looks like.

CarbonCopyPRO: A Revolutionary Marketing System that is ready to go to work for you.
Who likes selling, telling, explaining, convincing, and closing sales? Who grows up dreaming of being a sales person? Who likes spending years trying to figure out how to market and generate leads?
We will show you how countless members are earning thousands of dollars a day with CarbonCopyPRO.

Best Month: $27,500*
I owned two motels, a video store, an ice cream shop and many rental properties all before the age of 27...
...and was just spinning my wheels!
Ten years later, I am working
from home and making $25k a month! Using a killer marketing SYSTEM is the answer. I did it, so can you.
-Greg Six, MI

I understand that CarbonCopyPRO is a Marketing System, but what products will I be marketing?
We have partnered with a cutting edge direct marketing company that specializes in financial based educational products and services. There are literally hundreds of different companies that we could have chosen to work with.
We chose the best.
You will NOT be marketing your own company or product, but rather the products of the company we have partnered with.
In essence there are two components to the system:

CarbonCopyPRO: The Marketing System.
Our partner company: The products being sold.

As a CarbonCopyPRO member you have the benefit of having a brilliant marketing system that will sell a brilliant product FOR YOU.
Think of it as a mini-franchise (this is NOT a franchise though...). Think of it as a turn-key business opportunity.
Submit your application to join CarbonCopyPRO right now learn more about our partner company and exactly how EVERYTHING works!

Best Day: $13,000*
What an improvement! From the stressful life of owning a property management company to the easy flow of the Carbon Copy Marketing System.
Now I earn more with no stress. My best day using this system was a $13,000 net profit. Thanks guys for creating an easy and duplicatible system.
-Elaine Love, CO

We built CarbonCopyPRO because the chances of making it on your own are slim!
1) You don't know how to market. CarbonCopy knows that marketing and lead generation is your biggest struggle and buying leads is financial suicide. No other marketing system on the planet has legitimately solved this hurdle like we have. CarbonCopyPRO will save you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in trial and error. We already made the mistakes there are out there to make!
2) You don't know how to "sell". CarbonCopy knows that most people are not good at selling, telling, and explaining, so our system screens and closes all applicants for you! YES! That's right! A member of our elite Millionaire Mastermind Group calls EVERY prospect twice, FOR YOU! We are not even going to give you a chance to mess up the sale.
3) You are broke. Admit it! You are broke and have no room for trial and error! You need a turn-key system that can put money in your pocket the first or second week. If this were not the case, you wouldn't be reading this right now! Don't worry, you can get started with a budget of as low as $2000-$2500.
4) This is a dog-eat-dog industry. No one else seems to care if you Fail/Succeed. NO ONE! We want you to consider us your friends on the INSIDE! This is THE most simple and powerful sales and marketing system on the planet. Anyone can do it.
5) We will not rest until we have created 100 Millionaires. We need 100 millionaires to attract the attention we really want. Trust us on this one, YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THIS GROUP! The PR and recognition you will get being a part of this group is unlike anything that any of us could do on our own. You can watch us, or you can join us! We welcome you to join us.
6) Statistically speaking, there is a 97% chance you will fail on your own. We built CarbonCopyPRO with one sole purpose: To leverage our existing results and make a group of at least 100 millionaires by 2012. You could take the next five years to try and figure it out on your own or plug into our turn-key system and potentially generate THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a matter of days!

Best Week: $17,500*
I used to trade my time for money at a job.
Now, I leverage my time with a phenomenal internet business that showed me exactly what to do to earn over $10,000 per week!
CarbonCopy is the secret to building a lucrative income without guess-work or trial and error.
-Harold Roscoe , BC


So....Why Isn't Everyone Joining CarbonCopyPRO?

It's simple. We don't let them!
Unfortunately, we cannot possibly work with thousands of people. In order to protect the integrity of our system, we MUST be certain that the quality of entrepreneurs getting started is not compromised.
Yes, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make huge bucks year from home, but that does not mean that this is for everyone. In fact, it means quite the opposite.
The get-rich-quick mentality and people with a lottery and entitlement mentality do NOT fit into this group. We must do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure that these people do not get started with CarbonCopy Marketing.
We plan to enjoy the benefits of this this system for years to come. Longevity and security are a far greater priority for us in order to accomplish our goal of creating 100 millionaires than any possible short term gains that might come from compromising our standards.
To ensure that we ONLY have highly qualified entrepreneurs getting started, we have implemented an application process.

The application process saves us valuable time by screening out most of the tire kickers, get-rich-quick or lottery based mentality people.
Not everyone is cut out be an entrepreneur. It is a fact of life that we all have to accept.
We want to stop people from wasting their time and money by getting started in an opportunity that is not right for them.
The application process allows candidates to make an educated decision without risking hundreds or even thousands of dollars to find whether or not this is the right business for them.

We know that entrepreneurs take action, accept educated risk, and invest for a return.
The application process simply helps determine if you are an entrepreneur and cut out for the opportunity before they waste time and money getting started and learning the hard way by trial and error.

Best Day: $5000*
a former small business owner, I now have the freedom
to stay at home with my kids, attend their functions,
and do the things most single moms only dream of being
able to do.
Thank you CarbonCopy Marketing for this Brilliant and Duplicatable System!
-Mona McClelland, Victoria BC


** Limited Time Offer **
eBay Buyers
Be one of the next 100 applicants and I will send you my ground breaking $149 "INSIDEOUT" DVD FREE!

Here's how to get "INSIDEOUT" for FREE! Submit your application to join our exclusive marketing group and we will rush you the "INSIDEOUT" DVD and Workbook for FREE! That's a $149 value!
What is "INSIDEOUT"?
In your face, street, and authentic, "INSIDEOUT" is an exclusive interview with Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard where they reveal from the "INSIDEOUT" a bullet-proof game PLAN to firing your boss, conquering your demons, and earning $50,000 a month from home in your own direct marketing business.
Considered one of the top income earners in the direct marketing industry, Jay Kubassek has trained thousands of people and is on a mission to create at least 100 millionaires with the CarbonCopy Marketing System.
Author of "Magnetic
Sponsoring" and "MLM Traffic Formula" Mike
Dillard is one of the industry's most respected
and well known trainers and authors.
"INSIDEOUT" shows you how to solve the top three variables that every home based entrepreneur faces:
-Marketing: How to get an unlimited number of qualified prospects begging to work with you and buy your product.
-Mindset: How becoming a Millionaire starts on the inside.
-Mission: Who are you, where are you going, and why should anyone follow you?
in the "INSIDEOUT" DVD is "Your Million
Dollar Game Plan" action planner work book where
you will be able to follow along and create your own
personalized game plan to "Firing Your Boss and
Making Your First Million Dollars From Home" using
the strategies that Jay has taught thousands of people
and has personally used to create a multiple 7-figure
income over the last 4 years.
Together you can sum "INSIDEOUT" up in three words: Powerful. Insightful. Systematic.
Save $100 And Get INSIDEOUT FREE With Your Application!

Best Month: $32,000*
From twelve years in Law Enforcement making peanuts...
To over making over $30K in a month thanks to the CarbonCopy System.
The key word here being "SYSTEM"!
-Mark Coccio, MA

WARNING - Please Read First

Can you follow instructions?
Do you have an income goal in excess of $100,000 for the next 6-12 months?
Do you believe in surrounding yourself with successful people?
Do you believe in "Paying it Forward" and giving back to your community?
Are you a person who takes action quickly?
Are you willing to persist without exception?
Are you willing to invest in yourself?
Are you looking for "easy money" and "get-rich-quick" or a real viable business?
Are you willing to EARN your success?
Are you willing to contribute to the success of others by being part of a team?
Are you willing to invest 10-15 hours a week in able to run your new business.

Application Fee ($37) to Join CarbonCopyPRO

How the application process works:

Application fee ($37)
You will be provided with immediate access to a private CarbonCopyPRO marketing system overview pending the approval of your application.
You will be emailed our final decision within 24 hours.
We will then ship you a complimentary copy of "INSIDEOUT", this is a $149 value, yours FREE! (You pay $8.75 US/Canada shipping and handling)

What do I get for my $37?

Online application to JOIN CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Group.
Immediate access to a private CarbonCopyPRO Marketing System overview (while we review your application.)
INSIDEOUT DVD and "Your Million Dollar Game Plan" Workbook.

Best Week: $8000*
The CarbonCopy Marketing system is the backbone of my business. It is an excellent resource that puts a brand new person's business at par with top industry leaders ........leaving No option BUT to succeed!
It's a strategic decision to use this system if you are committed to success.
-Reema Hasnain, Toronto

What is CarbonCopyPRO?
CarbonCopyPRO, considered by many to be the most powerful marketing system in the world, is partnered with one of the top direct marketing companies in the industry. Together they provide an income opportunity unlike anything every created.
You will not be marketing your own company or product, but rather the products of the company we have partnered with.
In essence there are two components to the system:

CarbonCopyPRO: The Marketing System.
Our partner company: The products being sold.

As a CarbonCopyPRO member you have the benefit of having a brilliant marketing system that will automatically sell brilliant product FOR YOU. Think of it as a mini-franchise (this is NOT a franchise though...).
What am I paying $37.00 for?

Application to JOIN CarbonCopyPRO Marketing Group.
Immediate access to FULL CarbonCopyPRO Marketing System overview while we review your application.

How quickly can I be making money?
Individulal results WILL vary some but many new people with little or no experience in this industry are seeing almost immediate results. People who have NEVER been able to achieve success, are making money, many in their first or second week!
What do I have to do to make money?
Place ads (or use our turnkey solutions) and drive people to the CarbonCopyPRO "sales engine". The system takes over from there sorting and selling our "joint venture" company's products. You get paid same day.
How quickly can I make money with CarbonCopyPRO?
Many of our members make $1000 or more within their first 7 days. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will make money this quickly and there is no way to ensure that you will follow our system. (income disclaimer)
Why do I have to submit an application?
If we did not charge an application, fee we would literally have THOUSANDS of people submitting their applications every week. Charging a very reasonable $37 application fee screens out most of the tire kickers. It also screens out those looking for a free ride and ensures that we are only speaking with highly qualified and motivated entrepreneurs.
What if I am STILL not willing to pay for the application?
If you are not willing to put up $37 to to get a chance of a lifetime, then we suggest you save your money and take your wife or boyfriend out to a nice Chinese buffet. You are guaranteed to get your money's worth there!
What if my application is NOT accepted?
If your application is not accepted, then your application fee will be refunded within 24 hours. You get to keep "INSIDEOUT" and you have nothing to lose.
What if my application to join your group IS accepted?
If your application is approved and accepted, we will email you a confirmationwithin 24 hours.
Is there any guarantee that I will make money with CarbonCopyPRO?
No. There are no guarantees in life, if you are looking for a guarantee go get a job:-)
Do I need any internet or computer skills?
Even though
it certainly helps, you will require little computer or internet
knowledge. On a scale of difficulty between 1-10, this is about
a 2-3.

*OUR LAWYERS INSIST WE MAKE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: These results ARE NOT TYPICAL and we cannot verify income claims by our members. Some members may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. By using this website you are agreeing to our INCOME DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

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